You are amazing and special with a unique identity. That is why we ensure our product is made from ethically sourced ingredients to provide authentic and fresh snacks just for YOU.

Topsie Crunchies Snacks is a confectionery treat made with an eclectic touch of African culture and tradition. African snacks are all about experiences and cultural culinary skills passed on from one generation to another. Our famous CHIN-CHIN is the most famous snack in Nigeria, a homemade with all-natural ingredients specially mixed to a texture to give that crunchy taste. Our Chinchin comes in 3 distinct flavors - Classy, Vanilla, and Coconut.

" Topsie Crunchie Snacks was born when I really craved African snacks during the pandemic. I made some ChinChin and shared it with other African families. There was this nostalgic feeling it gives, as it took us all back to sweet memories of our childhood, social events, and family bond back home. I believe we could still maintain this tradition and pass it on to our children here in Canada"